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Hepatitis B

While there are many tests available for hepatitis B, the best test for detecting a recent hepatitis B infection is the hepatitis B surface antigen test.  Done with a simple blood test, this test looks directly for the hepatitis B virus or antigen. A person's immunity to hepatitis B can be determined by a surface antibody test, which is also offered by the Axiom Group.

Hepatitis C

A hepatitis C infection is most often found through a blood test called the hepatitis C antibody test.  Most people never notice symptoms of hepatitis C for many years, which is why these blood tests are so important.  If you think you may have been exposed to hepatitis C, the hepatitis C antibody test can be taken as early as six weeks from a potential exposure, however this test is not considered conclusive until taken three months after an exposure.  If a person would like testing to determine a more recent exposure, a hepatitis C RNA by PCR test is available and can determine a person's hepatitis C status as early as 28 days from a potential exposure.

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