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How well do you know your new partner?

You should call us at 1-866-297-9736 if you are concerned
about sexual contact with a new partner.

The Internet is basically the world's largest singles bar..

Meeting a new partner could be as easy as deciding which internet dating site to start with.  There are sites with "no cover charge" like www.plentyoffish.com or www.okcupid.com.  There are sites for "hookups" like www.fling.com and www.onlinebootycall.com.  There are also the well known "VIP" sites like www.match.com and www.eharmony.com.  No matter what you're looking for in a new partner or where you meet, it is always a good idea to get HIV and STD testing done before any unprotected sexual contacts occur.

 How do I talk to my new partner about getting tested?

Talking to a new partner may be uncomfortable at first, but consider the alternative.  Your new partner probably wants to talk to you about it as well...here are some helpful hints to make things easier:

If your partner tells you "I just got tested I don't need to test again." ~ You can respond with, "If you've been with anyone else since then it's possible you're infected despite your negative result." or "I know, but I want to get tested and don't want to do it alone."

If your partner tells you, "I'm a virgin, so I don't need to get tested." ~ You can respond with, "If you've ever had oral sex you could have HIV or an STD.  If you have ever had a blood transfusion, a needle stick or any other occupational exposure, you could have something.  I want us to be safe."

If your partner tells you, "I know everyone I've slept with, they are fine, I don't need a test." ~ You can respond with, "Your ex-partners may not even know their own status.  It's possible to have HIV or an STD and not know.  One third of people are infected with HIV and do not know their status.  Most STDs don't even show noticeable symptoms.  Let's get tested together and find out for sure."

 Lastly, be firm.  If your partner refuses to get testing you should seriously reconsider being sexually active with them.  Protect yourself.  Get tested.  Call 1-866-297-9736 to discuss all the testing options we have for partners.